Autoimmune Protocol Diet

Autoimmune Protocol: Three weeks in

I know many of you have been wondering how I’m getting on with my ‘diet’.

Well, I am officially living proof that miracles can happen – I’ve just notched up Day 21 sticking to the Autoimmune Protocol Diet (AIP). Woot, woot!

How much longer I will need to be doing the elimination phase for, I’m not sure. I’m going to give it at least six weeks.

If you missed my last post about why I’m doing AIP, and what it’s all about, you can find it here. What a ride it’s been so far!

Here’s a glimpse into my AIP-addled brain:

Day One

Woohoo! I got this! Meat, veggies, fruit, easy-peasy. I’ve got my stash of AIP recipes on my Pinterest board. I’ve ordered some obscure flours and ingredients to make all the yummy things I want. Let’s do this!

Day One, later

I am already sick of coconut oil.

What the heck are tigernuts???

What on earth will I use as salad dressing?

This ‘garlic mayo’ in no way resembles mayo…

Day Two:

Oh my Lord, I have SUCH a headache.

I miss mayo.

Day Four

If I so much as see a coconut, I’m going to lose my sh*t.

Day Five

Why I am doing this? It’s so hard!

I miss bread. Even my gluten free bread which tastes like particle board.

Mr G and children enjoy icecreams, while I cry into my silverbeet.

Day Seven

Holy Moly, I actually did it. A whole week!

Day Nine

*furiously scours Pinterest for AIP salad dressings and drinks*

Day Ten

Nearly cries with joy to discover an AIP compliant jam (which makes for a good cranberry sauce substitute), and AIP compliant sparkling water infused with fruit.

Nearly cries again when aforementioned water tastes like it’s the place where fruit goes to die. Drinks it anyway.

Day Eleven

Holy Moly it’s hot out today!!!

Day Eleven, later:

Oh.My.Goodness. It’s hot as Hades today, but I have not swollen up like I usually do in the heat. I do not have canckles! * hears angels singing hallelujah*.

Day Twelve

Declutters entire house, cleans oven, helps with swimming sports, walks everywhere.

I think this diet might be working.

Day Thirteen

Due to slight increase in my energy levels I decide it’s safe to resume exercising again (my adrenals are pretty stuffed so I have to be careful). Walks over 13,000 steps, most of those before breakfast.

Discovers really delicious AIP recipe. A+++ trader, would recommend.

Day Thirteen, later

Walks over 13,00 steps. Hits the wall at 4pm. Brain and body decide to quit on me. Mr G makes dinner.

Day Fourteen

Walks over 12,000 steps

I am so damn sick of cooking!

Ponders moving to America where they have AIP delivery services….but then I remember that I loathe Donald Trump, so decide against it…it is tempting though.

Day Fifteen

Walks over 13,00 steps. Hits the wall at 3:30pm. Mr G cooks dinner again. Could I be overdoing it? I feel totally fine when I’m exercising.

Day Eighteen

Decide to cut my hour of walking to half an hour as I think my adrenals aren’t coping with my newfound energy. My strategy works, I am able to keep going all day.

Day Twenty

My top is falling off me. Realise I have lost almost two dress sizes.

Lest you think ‘ooh, I’m going to try that diet!’ let me point out that AIP is about healing, not weight loss. I suspect most of my weight loss is due to a reduction in inflammation. I take it as a good sign my body is healing. I would not attempt a food elimination diet as a weight loss strategy – there are easier ways to go about that!

Decide it might be cheaper just to take out shares in a spinach company, because I eat so much of it.

Out with my MiL and kids, we discover a place that sells AIP compliant fruit frappes. They are heavenly.

Day Twenty One

Abridged walking regime seems to be working, so I add in a couple of steep hills, just to see.

So far, so good.

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