Day 5

Today was a great day.

We all slept in, and after breakfast we went for a walk. Yes, folks, I got out of the house. We had to drive to our local park (my knee injury is exacerbated by slopes and stairs, and there is nothing but slopes and stairs where I live).

The sun is shining, and many people are out exercising. Everyone maintains their distance. I love this particular walk at the best of times, but today it feels like a wonderful treat; and at the same time it makes me feel normal. It does me good to see other people out and about, looking fine and healthy; a reminder that life goes on despite the lockdown.

When we get home we start ‘school’ work. Master D is working on his writing, so he gets a couple of fun worksheets, while Miss E writes stories. They colour in pictures for over an hour. Despite it being the school holidays, we are very lightly doing school, just for structure and to keep us occupied!

I eat my lunch outside, and do a bit of pruning in the garden. My knee isn’t any better today but it certainly doesn’t feel any worse from this morning’s walk.

I catch up with my family on Zoom, and have a laugh as we complete our limerick challenge. While I am chatting, my children play outside, and set up “The Flower Cafe”, complete with food and drink menus, and a children’s play area with colouring pages. Their creativity boosts my spirits.

The waitress takes my order
My meal: two gluten-free cakes and an ice-cream float
I am a good girl at the cafe, and get to colour in

After trying to extort real money out of us (to give to the Guide Dogs, Miss E is a philanthropist at heart), she settles on LEAFPOS, but still charges me $19 Leafbucks for my cake and drink. That kid is going places.

I notice this in my garden

We end our day of school by listening to stories on National Radio. and Master D starts designing a mini golf course. A great day.

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