Day 17

I had grand plans for today, most of which never happened.

I wanted to walk in a nearby reserve, but today all four of us have been incredibly tired. I am learning to hold any plans lightly in lockdown. I know I should get outside because the weather forecast for the next few days is rubbish, but I cannot summon the willpower. I potter around the house, read a book, and do my best to parent.

The kids and I make two batches of tortillas, although I turn my gluten free ones into something more akin to naan, with garlic butter on top, as GF tortillas are not exactly nice normally.

Yes, that is a biscuit box that Miss E has turned into a backpack

Today is the first day since we moved to level three and four, that Rev G has not done some work. It is nice to have time together to relax, and to not have to shoulder the parenting burden for hours on my own.

It is such a chilled out day, I barely have anything to report.

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