Day 24

Today was a write-off. Rev G made butter chicken for dinner last night, and unbeknown to him, it had gluten in the package sauce.

I spend the day feeling like I needed to sleep, but can’t. I spend most of it lying down as gluten takes the wind out of my sails. I watch Manifest on demand, and even though I’m about eight episodes in by now, I can’t decide if it’s any good or not yet. But it is light entertainment.

I try to do the crosswords and code crackers in my Mindfood magazine, but the gluten has given me bad brain fog. Master D is banned from the TV for the day as he keeps hurting his sister, sometimes by doing something brainless – like throwing a ball right at her eye – and sometimes it’s on purpose. I know he’s sick of lockdown and is anxious, but we still don’t tolerate that kind of behaviour. He plays with Rev G for most of the day, and they make a cute video out of Lego for tomorrow’s church service.

Yep, another sucky day for me, but nevertheless, we press on.

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