Level 3: Day 8…And, I’m back!

I have a dreadful night’s sleep. Master D sleeps through, so it’s not him keeping me awake for a change! It just takes me ages to get to sleep, so I give up and read a book, finally nodding off around 2am.

Poor Rev G lets me snooze longer again, it is 8:45am by the time I wake up. But as I get up I realise that I feel much better today, hooray!

I quickly shower and dress, and get the kids going on today’s school work while I make breakfast. The children do all of their schoolwork quickly, and spend most of the day playing.

I catch up with my BFF online, who is having a bloody hard time at her teaching job. I feel for all the workers who’ve had to suddenly shift to working online and from home right now – that is a heavy mental load indeed.

I do lots of jobs around the house while the kids do their work, and even make hot lunches for everyone. It is good to feel normal again! Jobs that felt impossible yesterday I do with ease today.

Doesn’t grabbing a hedge just fill you with joy? …

I realise my daily devotions have been lacking for the past few days, so I spend some quiet time with God. This is easier said than done with everyone at home, but I manage. And I listen to Radio Rhema at full volume while I potter around cleaning. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for this station, it makes a huge difference to my day.

It is pouring with rain again almost all day, and I hope the leak doesn’t appear again. Getting any tradespeople in at the moment is an exercise in patience.

My day is made when a friend from my morning prayer group drops off (contactlessly) a box of feijoas, yum! What a treat.

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