Level 3: Day 9

Master D wakes us up multiple times in the night. We are so over it. I cannot wait until school goes back, as his body will be knackered from playing and running around all day. We do what we can to keep him occupied and active at home, but we can’t provide the level of interaction he gets from his classmates.

Trying to get him to do schoolwork results in a huge argument, so we spend a big chunk of the day cleaning, and letting the kids just play. School is not worth the stress, and I’m pretty sure his reluctance is just tiredness from his lack of sleep. The days he sleeps well he has been chipper about schoolwork. He is angry and over being cooped up at home.

Angry kid is angry
image via Pexels

Miss E does a reading app, and flits about singing a long complicated song about not everyone finding their true love, which borrows heavily from Frozen song lyrics.

Rev G and I struggle for energy today, the interrupted sleep is doing a number on us.

We go to bed early. I cannot wait for this all to be over.

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