• Autoimmune Protocol Diet

    AIP for the win!

    Today marks day 31 on the Autoimmune Protocol Diet (AIP).

    So far it’s been nothing short of miraculous.

    Back in October I contracted a nasty bout of bacterial pneumonia. The first lot of antibiotics I was prescribed did nothing, and – along with a script for different antibiotics – I was given a full blood test just in case I had something other than pneumonia.

    My blood work came back showing that my cholesterol was high, high enough for the GP to start making noises about statins. Now, high cholesterol is a symptom of Hashimoto’s (which I have), and to me was merely a sign that all is not well with my thyroid.

    I said to the GP, ‘Nope, no way. Give me six months to get my cholesterol down’.

    I was so ill I didn’t have the headspace to go AIP, but due to other Hashi warriors reporting they felt much better on a gluten free diet, I immediately gave up gluten. To my surprise, I didn’t find this hard. Mr G and I also started to have vegan or vegetarian dinners most nights a week to help up our veggie intake.

    I’m sure these measures helped, but nothing has gotten me dramatic results like AIP.

    Three weeks into AIP I had to have a routine blood test to check my thyroid levels and my cholesterol. They had not been checked since October. The nurse called me up to tell me my thyroid function had improved so much I was now hyperthyroid in stead of hypothyroid, and I needed to reduce my medication dose.

    She was about to ring off when I said “What about my cholesterol?’

    ‘Oh, it’s perfect. A really, really healthy level. People would kill for that level….What are you doing?’

    Cue long discussion about AIP after which she said “Can I send some people your way?’

    Folks, I am stunned.

    Not only am I feeling much better than I have in ages, my blood work proves that AIP is working.

    I was hoping my cholesterol levels had gone down, but I never hoped for perfect. I’ve been doing a lot of happy dances over here, I tell ya.