Level 3, Day 12: A visitor!

We rush around in a frenzy, tidying up the detritus of two months in lockdown. We have an important visitor arriving soon, the first person to ‘break our bubble’!

It’s…the handyman.

Yes , we’re happy to see you too

It is non-stop excitement around here, I tell ya. Our roof sprung a leak in the deluge last Sunday, and our kitchen sink is coming away from the bench. Our landlords have a great relationship with a local builder who did heaps of work on the house for them before we moved in, and he is more than happy to come around to take a look.

“Can we touch him?” asks Master D.

I don’t recall Master D ever being in the habit of embracing tradespeople in a hug before lockdown, but it’s a fair question.

“No”, I say. “But if you keep your distance, you might be able to see him at work”.

His little face lights up, doubtless thinking about all the awesome tools tradies have.

Ah, lockdown life.

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