Day 18

The day starts early, with two very excited children who discover an Easter Egg in their room when they wake. They surprise Rev G and I by making US an Easter egg hunt, hiding shards of chocolate from their eggs, wrapped in foil.

I am impressed by their willingness to share! I would not have done this when I was little. Master D is hilarious as he basically takes me to where he has hidden his bits of egg, so there’s not much hunting involved. Too cute.

They are unaware that Rev G and I have hidden a few smaller eggs around the house, and the children’s excitement almost goes into hysteria as they hunt for them.

I am still incredibly tired, and ponder turning up to our church’s online service in my dressing gown, but I figure it’s not a good look for the minister’s wife! I manage to shower and dress with a couple of minutes to spare.

The service is lovely. It is well attended, 60-70 people, and there are family members of the congregation too. Part of the sermon involves sharing what we miss. Grandchildren, friends, school, work colleagues and cafes are high on the list. One member shares how much they appreciate coming together online, and I think how much I agree, and how wonderful it is to see other faces smiling and praying.

In the afternoon we enact quiet time for the 13,879th time, and this time we have some success. Although, after I am done on a Zoom call, my son moves the kids table into the room where I am, and he keeps up a monologue about various Pokemon as he does colouring in. Impressive.

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