Day 4

I wake up at 5:15am with nightmares. Minutes later, so does Master D. He goes back to sleep.

I give up at 6am, and go downstairs. I read the Bible (God directs me to the book of Jeremiah, very apt indeed). I make pancakes for the rest of the family. I join my online prayer group. They also are still not sleeping well.

My son’s two great loves, Lego and Pokemon. The Lego machine shoots waffles, apparently.

Rev G runs his first online service. It is well attended, even by friends and family who are all over NZ. Unfortunately for me, my connection is dreadful, so I give up. But not before I hear one of the people praying start to cry. Everyone is overwhelmed with emotion right now.

The children do Cosmic Yoga on YouTube, which is a delight. It keeps them moving for over 30 minutes. The rain is even worse today, and I’m grateful for these shows.

I catch the 1pm news and am devastated to hear of New Zealand’s first COVID-19 death. We know more will follow in the days to come. It reinforces the need to stay home to keep others safe.

I catch up with my family. My parents are jubilant. They received their online shopping order. My mum says it actually brought back happy memories from childhood, when everything used to be delivered to her mother on a Friday – groceries, meat, milk. Friday was an exciting day.

My brother is already planning what he will do when we get out of lockdown. The first thing I want to do is go to see our family.

We help the children with a string art craft. Again, my son amazes me with his ability to focus and he really gets into it.

The weather clears and they go off for a walk with Rev G. I get out into our garden. We have a ‘forest walk’ that runs parallel with the main entrance. It is thickly planted with native trees, and I stand there, feeling the weak sunlight on my face. I feel calm and content.

Today was a much better day.

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